The importance of symbolism in writing

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The importance of symbolism in writing

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The meaning "something which stands for something else" was first recorded inin Edmund Spenser 's Faerie Queene. A symbol is an energy evoking, and directing, agent. We must distinguish, therefore between the 'sense' and the 'meaning' of the symbol.

It seems to me perfectly clear that all the great and little symbolical systems of the past functioned simultaneously on three levels: The term 'meaning' can refer only to the first two but these, today, are in the charge of science — which is the province as we have said, not of symbols but of signs.

The ineffable, the absolutely unknowable, can be only sensed. It is the province of art which is not 'expression' merely, or even primarily, but a quest for, and formulation of, experience evoking, energy-waking images: Through all of these a transcendent reality is mirrored.

There are so many metaphors reflecting and implying something which, though thus variously expressed, is ineffable, though thus rendered multiform, remains inscrutable. Symbols hold the mind to truth but are not themselves the truth, hence it is delusory to borrow them.

Each civilisation, every age, must bring forth its own. Human cultures use symbols to express specific ideologies and social structures and to represent aspects of their specific culture. Symbols and semiotics[ edit ] Semiotics is the study of signs, symbols, and signification as communicative behavior.

Semiotics studies focus on the relationship of the signifier and the signified, also taking into account interpretation of visual cues, body language, sound, and other contextual clues. Semiotics is linked with both linguistics and psychology.

Concepts of symbolization

Semioticians thus not only study what a symbol implies, but also how it got its meaning and how it functions to make meaning in society.

Symbols allow the human brain continuously to create meaning using sensory input and decode symbols through both denotation and connotation.

The importance of symbolism in writing

Psychoanalysis, rhetoric and archetypes[ edit ] Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jungwho studied archetypesproposed an alternative definition of symbol, distinguishing it from the term sign.

In Jung's view, a sign stands for something known, as a word stands for its referent. He contrasted this with symbol, which he used to stand for something that is unknown and that cannot be made clear or precise.

An example of a symbol in this sense is Christ as a symbol of the archetype called self. Through these written words humans communicate with each other.In literature, symbolism is used to produce impact, which it accomplishes by attaching additional meaning to an action, object, or name.

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Symbolism takes something that is usually concrete and associates or affixes it to something else in order to give it a new and more significant meaning.

Symbolism is a literary element used in literature to help readers understand a literary work. Learn more about the definition of symbolism and the different types of symbolism used in literature.

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6 answers 6. while the symbolism of certain things in the writing act on another level to enhance the story.

Suggestions on symbolism or the importance of books throughout the novel: "The Book Thief" by Marcus Zusak?Status: Resolved.


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In literature, symbolism is used to produce impact. It accomplishes that by attaching additional meaning to an action, object, or name. It is a way to take something (usually something concrete) and by associating it (or affixing it) to something else, it takes on new (and more significant) meaning.

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