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Single schneverdingen

Single schneverdingen some cases the dunes simply became naturally overgrown, again with pines. There are only a very few old stands of sessile oakswhich stem from the logging industry during the time of the Kingdom of Hanover.

In the meantime they have grown wild again and have a characteristic and unusual appearance with their multiple trunks. Near Wilsede there is the remnant of a Hutewalda wood pasture with giant, multi-stemmed beech trees.

It was drained however and peat was cut there until the s. The Nature Park Association carried out work in the s to try to turn it back to its natural waterlogged state. For example, some of the drainage ditches were filled which led to a considerable rise in the water levels of the former peat cuts.

Single schneverdingen

However typical bog vegetation has not yet re-established itself. In 78 were counted, 13 more than in the previous year. Since the number of grouse has doubled. Clearance by fire and the cultivation of crops on the Pleistocene sandy soils quickly led however to soil degradation.

So the land cleared by fire could only be used for a short time. The settlements moved frequently and woods elsewhere were cleared. Even at that time the first Calluna heather heaths appeared.

Also near Wilsede there is the well-known stone and juniper group known as Hannibal's Grave Hannibals Grab. The resulting close control of the population and the Christianization meant that the rural settlements had to stay in one place and could no longer move about freely.

Single schneverdingen

The land had to be farmed more intensively which led to the heathland spreading. The region was dominated by heath farming which was a less intensive form of land usage necessary for its large areas of barren terrain and heathland.

An important economic sideline of past centuries was heathland beekeeping. The farmsteads were arranged relatively arbitrarily, many stood very close to one another; others were spread out at some distance from each other.

In order to prevent cattle trampling flat the gardens attached to the houses, village roads were enclosed with wooden fences and, later, with characteristic stone walls.

The typical design of farmhouse was the Fachhallenhausa large timber-framed single building, in which people and animals lived under a single roof. Each village had relatively few complete farms; in Wilsede there were only four, in the church village Kirchdorf of Undeloh there were eleven, but that was an exception.

In addition there were Koten small, single housessheep pens and shared bakehouses. The farms themselves, however, were very large.

In Wilsede all the features of a heath village described here may still be seen. Wilsede Heath Museum Heidemuseum Wilsede was established in a Fachhallenhaus and it gives an insight into the working and living conditions of a heathland farm around Choose the marina dock that suits your needs.

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