Cyberbullying is more prevalent today than

NSF recognized that commercially supplied network services, now that they were available, would ultimately be far less expensive than continued funding of special-purpose network services. In Netscape Communications Corporation originally called Mosaic Communications Corporation was formed to further develop the Mosaic browser and server software for commercial use. Shortly thereafter, the software giant Microsoft Corporation became interested in supporting Internet applications on personal computers PCs and developed its Internet Explorer Web browser based initially on Mosaic and other programs. These new commercial capabilities accelerated the growth of the Internet, which as early as had already been growing at the rate of percent per year.

Cyberbullying is more prevalent today than

School districts put in place Acceptable Use Policies, which are a set of computer rules to ensure appropriate student usage of the Internet and technology equipment at school. Teachers must demonstrate, guide, and help students practice appropriate and professional behavior while actively participating in authentic learning experiences using blogs, wiki spaces, learning management systems, online research, and much more.

Take Care of Technology Equipment Students must take care of the technology equipment, which can be viewed as a privilege. It is also important for students to learn to protect the technology resources Cennamo, Ross, and Ertmer, Malware such as viruses, worms, and Trojan horses are even more prevalent today because of the increased use of email, fax, blogs, social media, etc.

Students should be alert and active at all times when encountering suspicious messages, links, pop-up windows, etc. Students should immediately let their teacher know if there may be malware on a computer so that any problems can be addressed right away.

Explore Appropriate and Safe Sites for Learning and Research The Internet is an immense storehouse of knowledge and should be used appropriately at all times. Students should use known and trusted digital resources Cennamo et al.

Teachers can initially provide students with a list of approved Web sites to use in class. However, students must be empowered to evaluate sites to make responsible and ethical decisions while surfing the Net. This practice will be helpful when students have to complete research for school or work.

Students must be able to recognize if information on a site is valid and credible. Teaching students to critically evaluate Web sites will prepare them for their future education and profession Pinkham, Wintle, and Silvernail, It is therefore essential for teachers and students to understand the use of copyrighted material Cennamo et al.

The Fair Use Act permits the use of copyright material for educational and noncommercial purposes. These works are most likely protected by Creative Commons CC.

More students are actively sharing, reusing, remixing, and building creative projects, so it is important they understand these laws to ensure legal use of material in and out of the classroom.

Help Prevent Cyberbullying Prevent cyberbullying by discussing it, addressing it, and reporting it.

Cyberbullying is more prevalent today than

Students interact with one another via social networks, chat rooms, blogs, etc. They can write just about anything on these platforms, which then can be forwarded to many with just a few clicks, causing more issues if the information is sensitive or hurtful to another Levy, The consequences of cyberbullying can be damaging, resulting in emotional stress, withdrawal from school, relocation, and even suicide Cennamo et al.

Teachers must provide a set of guidelines that addresses ways to prevent and handle cyberbullying. First, discuss cyberbullying and how it is unacceptable.

Second, provide examples of cyberbullying to help students understand the importance of addressing this growing concern. Third, students should report inappropriate online interactions to their parents, teachers, counselors, and administrators immediately, whether they are a victim or bystander.


Students need to know about the serious repercussions for intentionally harming someone online. Outlining cyberbullying guidelines can help students address and prevent threatening and inappropriate online behavior.

Self-image Is Important Choose to promote a positive and professional image of self online. On social networking Web sites, students can share information about themselves globally Dewall, Buffardi, Bonser, and Campbell, Students must think before they post something online and make it available for the world to see.

Teachers can help students promote a positive self-image online by asking them to reflect about these questions:Apr 01,  · The emotionally-charged documentary Bully opened in select theaters this weekend and fans are wondering what happened to the key players in the film..

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More importantly, the Report discusses how we, as nations, have a collective responsibility to build an “ethical digital ecosystem” in which every child has basic protections, rights, and equal opportunities to thrive in their digital future by working together with all stakeholders – including parents, teachers, communities, ICT companies and governments.

School bullying is a type of bullying that occurs in any educational setting.. For an act to be considered bullying it must meet certain criteria. This includes hostile . Oct 11,  · Parents, therapists and schools are struggling to figure out whether helping anxious teenagers means protecting them or pushing them to face their fears.

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