A case study on st xaviers college in india

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A case study on st xaviers college in india

Students must wear ID card at all times. Maintain strict silence in the Reading Room and other areas. DO NOT enter the reading or lending section with your baggage. Keep them in the wooden shelves at the Gate Counter.

Consumer Redressal Complaints

DO NOT crowd around any counter, but stand in queue and wait for your turn. Scan the library notice boards regularly Both inside and outside the library premise. Using someone else's ID is a punishable offence. Kindly cooperate and interact gently with library staff. In case of any difficulty library users can approach the Assistant Director or the Librarian.

A case study on st xaviers college in india

Only present students and staff of the College can use the Library. No ex-student or outsiders are allowed to use the Library. Students and Staff members must settle all library dues to obtain Clearance Certificate from the Library Office on completion of studies or duty.

Sleeping, eating and having refreshments inside the Library are strictly prohibited. Do take care of library books and journals. Guidelines for Self-circulation Kiosk: Use only your own valid ID card.

Four books can be borrowed at a time against your ID; books should not be identical. Get the due date stamped on the date slip inside the book from the Gate Counter. Guidelines for Lending Section: A student can borrow utmost four books at a time for fourteen days, which are further renewable for fourteen days except in special cases.

Books borrowed should not be identical. Borrowed books should be returned on or before the stipulated date mentioned on date-slip inside the book. For delay in returning a book students have to pay a fine of Rs.

Any late return of books accumulates a fine of Rs. After paying the fine submit your student copy of the fine slip to the Library Office for updating fine status.

Check the condition of the book at the time of borrowing. If any mutilation found, report instantly to the concerned library staff.

Otherwise the borrower will be responsible for the damage.

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Open Access is for your convenience.St. Xavier's College, Mumbai, (informally Xavier's) is a college affiliated to the University of Mumbai offering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Arts, Science, Commerce and Management.

Xavier's was the first college to be granted autonomy by the University of Mumbai in In , St. Xavier's was awarded 'A+' grade by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).

A case study on st xaviers college in india

General Rules and Regulations: Central Library is NO-MOBILE ZONE. Students must wear ID card at all times. Scan your ID card in the computerized Attendance System at . Dear Student, Please keep visiting this page to keep yourself updated on application dates and other details. In case of any query write to us at [email protected] This Court in Rev.

Father W. Proost case (supra) held that section A of the Bihar University Act which came into force from 1 March,. completely took away the autonomy of the governing body of St. Xaviees College established by the Jesuits of Ranchi.

Educational Institution Complaints Shatakshi Shukla. Posted On: I proposed to join a training institute called technoglobe in Jaipur for which they asked me to pay an amount of 6k.

St. Xavier’s Mumbai has been ranked as the 2nd best college in India for Science studies and the 4th best in India for Humanities studies.

Although, the college climbed a phenomenal 16 places from 18th in to usurp Loyola College from 2nd place, it has been a regular part of the top 5 Science colleges in India, since

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